Renaud Marion

Air Drive

Originally from the French Alps, photographer Renaud Marion currently lives and works in Paris.

He started in the art world as a graffiti artist. As graffiti can be ephemeral, he decides to immortalize his spray-painted works by photographing them.
He widens his field of action by also photographing landscapes and people. He decides to refine his skills by joining a photography school in Paris. He draws his artistic inspiration from his childhood, seeking to sublimate the ordinary and is seduced by the aesthetics of banality.
His images borrow from the poets of spleen the calm and nostalgia of the romantics.

With his series “Air Drive”, he questions the preparation of the next generations for their future. “Our dreams of today are the reality of tomorrow”.
The images of his flying cars have been published in various magazines around the world. And he works regularly for advertising.

Jaguar type E, 2014, Saint Cloud

With the Air Drive series, it is the whole collective imagination built around the automobile that is evoked by French photographer Renaud Marion. Passionate about science fiction, the photographer has been immersed in the universe since his youth, with films such as Star Wars, Blade Runner or Back to the Future.

The child imagines that flying cars will be commonplace in the 21st century. A drawing of this type of vehicle, signed by the genius Moebius and exhibited in 2010 at the Cartier Foundation in Paris, will be the trigger. Renaud Marion decides to transform cult models characteristic of a golden age of the car into vehicles floating in the air, as if time were suspended. His Air Drive series explores the perspective of retrofuturism, a staging of the future seen through the past, made possible by the aesthetics and design of vintage cars – Lincoln Continental, Jaguar E-Type… -but also to the strong architecture in the background that reflects a slightly strange atmosphere from another time.

© Camille Cornaglia for The Good life.

Lincoln Continental, 2014, Paris