Virgilio Ferreira

Crossing. From one space to another, from one moment to another, from one state to another. Handling the silver image during the shooting, Virgilio Ferreira had the crazy ambition to capture these invisible doors that we all walk through without our knowledge. By using the double exposure and experimenting with the chemical properties of light – which reveals how it can dissolve – Virgilio Ferreira has captured, in anonymous people, those moments when he saw the manifestations of “liquid life”, a concept of the Polish sociologist Zigmunt Bauman, to describe our current society: with the disappearance of traditional “solid” structures, we sometimes fall into a dimension of uncertainty, ambiguity and wandering in the face of an ever more elusive reality. Walking the streets, letting himself be guided by the “initial impression” – the one that precedes thought – Virgilio explored these existential interstices, where we are neither completely present nor completely absent. In these spectral images, these anonymous – us – seem to be suspended. Are they disappearing or will they reappear? For Fluctuations, a work in progress, Virgilio Ferreira is interested in the interactions between energy and matter, fundamental components of the universe. Through inscriptions on different media and photochemical manipulations at the time of the shooting, he creates works that suggest these invisible radiations and make our vision fluctuate between imaginary and real. He exhibits here a print and a photographic sculpture made in 3D engraving. The set is a limited edition presented in a custom-made box set.