Grace Kim

Some place like home

Grace Kim imagines existential and poetic landscapes through which different strata of time, places and consciousness are manifested. The images are constructed through a process of photography and digital collage. The artist reconstructs fragments of collected sequences linked during his daily travels and strolls, and his walks on the Internet. Collage echoes the process of building memory in her: they are selective fragments, which she chooses to include or exclude, to highlight or store in the background. These images also reiterate his interest in Buddhist philosophy and quantum theory. They explore the questions of the visible and the perception, the physical and the mystical – how to shape what is invisible, imperceptible? How can we account for the simultaneity of several states, several realities? -. In her, time and space have neither beginning nor end; the cycles of life and evolution manifest themselves simultaneously and she quotes Bill Hicks, “All matter is in fact energy condensed into slow vibrations; we are all one and only one consciousness experiencing ourselves subjectively. Death does not exist, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. »