ENCOR is a studio founded in 2015 by swiss artists Mirko Eremita, David Houncheringer, Valerio Spoletini & Manuel Oberholzer.

Mutual understanding of an ever evolving world, transforming the human condition itself onto a path of merging with space, its physicality and technology in many new forms via digitization and the advancement of our understanding of it.

We see our works as means to make the hidden world of information and its interwoven reach into our physical and social life visible.

We use light and audio as our messenger and as symbolistic value to project ourselves into a world, which like the properties of light itself, are still mainly mysterious to our comprehension and understanding.

Our work documents a benchmark of our place in time.
By experimentating with kinetic sculptures, motion design, contemporary architecture, installation art, sound visualisation and distribution,
we challenge the limits of different mediums twisting the audience perception and leaving a open space to open up the minds.

The forceful group identity relies on the creation of our own tools by combining technology, lo-fi materials and mixing up structuresthrough ever new processes.
The very strong group identity is built upon each member contributing his own skill set and sensibilities when approaching each project.

2020 – Audiovisual installation
Art at Service – Fully working decontamination room re-appropriated by ENCOR STUDIO

Encor Studio promises you a full decontamination. From viruses to fears.
The installation aims to relieve our struggles and fears, leaving the audience hopeful and motivated for a future in need of reform.
Get in the queue, join the procession and enjoy the full benefits of this experience.