Ella Bats


Ella Bats is a French photographer and artist based in Paris.

After graduation in art and graphic design, she attended the Gobelins’ school of photography until 2017.

Ella works predominantly in art, fashion and portrait photography incorporating the use of paint and material effects. She explores the inner world of individuals and find ways to visually project those worlds. By getting to know my models, the photographer is able to create a true representation of who they are. For her, photography is the art of constructing a world as well as a way to learn about other people.

In partnership with Les Agents Associés, la galerie Madé presents Ella’s photographic work, winner of Prix Jeunes Talents 2021. She presents two series that she has put together under the title TEINTES D’ERRANCES.

In this series called ” Adam and Adam “, Ella revisits the origins of love.

The ambivalence of the intertwined bodies are showing, describing and depicting di erent states of love between these two men. A love taken from several angles: tender, passionate, fragile, thunderous…

She questions the image, its color and power of representation. The reflection of the image develops playfully through constant experimentation with color gently placed into its environment.

Representing their bodies, the fantasy takes its final form in my digital paintings.

Her work focuses on the perception and interpretation of reality, to catch the spectator’s eye and give them a glimpse of «the secrets of my imagination». The result is a blend of reality and fiction, of truth and what is plausible, of what is and what exists.


This panel of landscapes reveals an imagination to be explored, a feeling of strangeness and a way of being in the world.

Moments of pause. The contemplation. Time to step back.

The series reads like a stroll, punctuated by the back and forth of colours and graphic touches.

The memory of these wanderings remains this taste-memory which does not fade away, but dissolves, escapes little by little, slips away and melts into an imprecise blur.

Nothing of the living-experienced can be taken away, nor taken back; it is lived in eternity.

The vision of the lived moment becomes clearer. A reality ends up being formed to draw the lucidity of the intimate.

Some things are lived beyond images, but when I remember them, the images tell the memory of the appearance and disappearance.

It is the breath taken and the rush of life.

It evokes death, it evokes love. The place: nature that remains, that surrounds, and shows the way to renewal.