Charles Petit


Introduced to photography at the age of ten by his father and grandmother, Charles Petit began photographing in the early 1970s.

He refined his practice over the years by photographing incognito strangers crossed in the streets of Paris, London, Milan or Vienna.
In the middle of the 80’s he abandoned B&W to devote himself to color using Kodachrome film often accompanied by a powerful flash in daylight.

During his numerous trips, he takes pictures of places where there is no human presence, like still lifes.
During a trip to Los Angeles, he made a series of images of parked cars flashed in broad daylight. It is this series that Galerie Madé presents.

Today, Charles Petit alternates between B&W “Street Photography” and color photography.
He also works occasionally for Wallpaper magazine, for which he has taken portraits of Maja Hoffmann and Peter Marino. Finally, in 2020 he received the Silver Award from the Art Directors Club for a global campaign for UNESCO based on his photographs.

Los Angeles, 1995, #4
Coney Island, 1992, #1