ANDREA MODICA / As we wait

03.11.2016 – 28.01.2017

The base of Andrea Modica’s work is the sensual love that goes hand in hand with the omnipresent darkness, so much so that they can color your dreams.

The work is not desperate, but out of breath, as if there were atmospheric gauze placed on the larynx so that the breath is softened, in silence to walk on the tightrope between exalted life and suffocating death. 
You couldn’t turn the sound too loud. The balance is therefore so uncertain, tactile and absolutely fragile that there is a danger of tilting the balance of mortality in plain sight.

We enter the work through the illusory aspect of two men sitting on the edge of a Turkish bath. 
A rectangular space, one of the men is naked, the other is dressed in a sports jacket. One looks hesitantly to the future, the other is waiting for a bad omen in the present. They defined the scenario of a dark theatre that is to come; a vascular impulse generates through the work, which explores by tripping over aspects of life that are not at all safe. Perhaps it is this gentle impulse that separates this work from art. 
Many of the compositions are artificial and exquisitely guessed, but this is not about art. Art in its tendency to trivialize promiscuity will not necessarily remain at the frontier of heat or possible end. Here nothing disappears; it is directly in front of you without being frontal. This extends and allows you to be seduced by messages that are not intended to be understood.

Larry Fink