Ana Di Prospero

To abandon oneself to the unconscious, as the only guide: this is the mode of functioning on which Anna Di Prospero’s photographs, collected in the “Instinct” series, are based. Images that come to life spontaneously, as the result of an inner strength, a primordial instinct that led the author to create photographs that are apparently dissolved and “free” from any initial planning.

Anna Di Prospero discovers the coherence and implicit meaning of this work through a retrospective observation: as she affirms, these photographs are the visual transcription of intimate traces, printed in her memory. Created between 2011 and 2012, the images range from the author’s favourite self-portrait to portraits of his companion; fragments of faces (half-closed eyes, smiling mouths, talking mouths that kiss) and bodies (such as hands or backs often immortalized during tender embraces) are associated with architectural or landscape details belonging to a “men tal archive”, in which images of the author’s experience take place. As a final choice, Anna Di Prospero composes diptychs with these images and photographs of water, clouds, grass, rocks, dust and earth, reworked in digital form.

Serena Silvestrini