For almost five decades, Steve Hiett has documented the changing world of fashion through his distinctive pop graphic, and even musical, imagery. Know for his vivid color style lit by using exterior flash, Hiett’s images are characterized by sharp, richly textured figures set against indefinable urban landscapes and radiant blue skies in deep focus. They tell stories, and the stories change with time. Whether it’s 1970s Miami, France in 1980s, or New York at the end of the 20th century, Hiett creates an of-the-moment impression that feels neither contrived nor self-conscious.

Hiett’s work unveils an era of experimental fashion photography that emerged in the late seventies in British, French and Italian magazines : « Things got simple… a camera and one 35mm lens. This meant I could travel light and keep things as simple as possible. Work fast, anywhere, anytime, any light… But if the photos of the clothes were not perfect, the picture would go in the trash. This way I learned about fashion photography. »

Philippe Garner, former deputy chairman of photographs at Christie’s, wrote, « Steve whose work has been such a distinctive presence in fashion and style magazines for over forty years, has the rare ability to keep finding fresh variations within the strictures that he has made his own. »